by Tanya Mapp

The Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh Award creates opportunities for our young people to learn new skills and activities, and encourage them to be active in their community.

This award is recognised around the world and is a superb framework for our students to develop their Riccarton Way values of Excellence, Commitment and Respect.

Congratulations to the following students for achieving their Duke of Edinburgh Awards through Riccarton High School. 

These students have contributed to their community through an extended period of service and have pushed themselves in planning and undertaking multiple overnight tramps. 

They have learnt valuable life skills through tramping as well as forming friendships with teenagers from other Christchurch schools. 

If you are keen to be involved email Mrs Mapp (Year 10 and above only)

Silver Award: JaeYoung Shin 12ANB

Bronze Award: Jake Dalton 12ULC, Matthew Baird 11UTL and Silas Zhang 12URG

Image by: Tanya Mapp
Image by: Tanya Mapp

Image by: Tanya Mapp