by Karen Churchward


Our 2018 school leavers have been busy trying out a range of new experiences to help them plan for a good life when they leave school.

They have set personal goals based on their strengths and interests with the help of their families, school staff and Enabling Good Lives Facilitators and are increasing the time they spend out of school.

Jack enjoys a range of community activities including music, art and performance. He has been challenging himself at AJ Day Options in their RISK programme and undertaking contract work tasks.

Ben just started at New World in Lincoln, using the shelf stacking skills he has learned at 0800 Hungry. He enjoys being active, working hard at Arion Farm, and joining John Steads, the groundsman on the tractor to take care of the rubbish at school

Hayley has an extremely busy week with work at Robert Harris in Rolleston, study at ARA and her weekly work-out at Snap Fitness.

Micayla has been learning new skills in community craft classes and work experience at Arion Farm.

Both girls looked stunning at the formal and danced the night away.

We are grateful to the businesses and organisations who give our students the opportunity to have these experiences. Congratulations to the students who have met all the challenges put in front of them and they are well on the way to a successful transition into post-school life.