Language Perfect World Championships 2018

Once again, Riccarton High School participated in this global competition – with great success for our students.

As a school, we were 75th out of 1,476 schools internationally with 741 hours online, which was 10th in NZ. 54 of our students received certificates


Lillian Renwick, John Punio, Fonie Ka, Christine Cuizon, Elnathan Chung, Nathaniel Azarraga


Evan Ting, Sarah Marshall, Bonnie Lu, Eve Knight, Amanda Gostomski, Mathilde Diniay, Anna Chang, Pavritha Bowatte, Barbie Bautista


Jessie Yu, Mikayla Young, Helena Wu, Madi Ryan, Catylin Roberts, Ashleigh Lee, Bebe Chin, Isabel Byrne


Cassie Zhang, Trisha Zamora, Tina Lin, Mia Faalilo, Amelie Cunningham, Bouvier Cuizon, Sophie Chalmers


Silas Zhang, Charisse Wong, Georgia Walsh, Thane Tremewan, Nigel Tee, Frena Ramos, Tarquin Precipe, Kaethe Penafiel, Jessica Patel, Cindy Manuel, Caden Lee, Caitlin Havrilla, Jake Dalton, Michael Churcher, Katelyn Brown


Sylvie Yee, Breanna Rayner, Jade McCOnnell, Raymond Lu, Jay Kang, Keerthana Kaatia, Zak Johnson, Jessie Irving, Melanie Aitken,