by Aiden Ireland

University Entrance - What you need to know.

For our senior students whose time at Riccarton High School is rapidly coming to an end, here's a brief recap of everything you need to know to get your University Entrance.

If you're in Year 13 or 12, you'll have started thinking about whether or not you want to go to University. To attend any course at University, from law to biology, you need to have University Entrance. University Entrance is given by N.Z.Q.A., and in order to qualify, you need:

  • To have achieved N.C.E.A. Level 3
  • Achieved N.C.E.A. Level 1 numeracy
  • 14 Credits in 3 university approved subjects
  • U.E. Literacy - 10 credits (5 in writing, 5 in reading) from pre-approved level 2 and higher achievement standards, or from the level 4 English for Academic Purposes unit standards.

If you are going for University Entrance, but aren't entirely certain if you're taking the right subjects, almost all subjects that Riccarton offers are University approved, and the following are the only subjects that do not contribute towards University Entrance:

  • Electronics
  • Electives
  • Hospitality
  • Legal and Social Studies
  • Pasifika Studies 
  • Skills for your future
  • Sport Leadership
  • Tikanga Māori
  • Tourism Studies

If you are still unsure if you qualify for University Entrance, check your KAMAR credits or talk to your Dean. If you previously decided you didn't want to go for University Entrance, but now do, talk to your Dean ASAP. 

All of the above information is covered in more detail in your student handbooks: 

Subject Handbook:

Assessment Handbook: