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Device Advice

In 2018, Riccarton High School is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) for the whole junior school and it is heartening to know that most students are being the best that they can be in how they self-manage their use of devices inside and outside the classroom.

This includes ensuring they charge their device every night so it can last throughout the next school day, as well as actually bringing it to school each day.

A reminder that a phone is not considered a device for learning here at Riccarton. 

While smartphones are part of everyday life for many of our students, their small screen and lack of capabilities mean they are not suitable for e-learning. 

There is helpful advice on our website which can guide you when purchasing a device; you can access this via

Your child is likely to be required to use their device for homework and assignments on a more regular basis so getting into, and sticking at, good habits of using their device for learning at home is important as they progress through Riccarton. 

Many tasks are scheduled through Google classroom so if you haven’t already, take the time to sit down and see how this platform is being used by your child and have a conversation around how they are self-managing the inherent distractions that come with being online.

By working together, we can reinforce the message of responsible device use for learning. 

Thank you for your support.