by Tania Mapp

Kohanga Ako Learning Programmes

In Term 3, Kohanga Ako students have been trying new ways to increase their physical activity for their wellbeing and learning about resilience.

Miss Eaton’s Year 13 Physical Education class worked with Kohanga Ako students on a Health Promotion unit. 

The aim of the unit was to increase the levels of physical activity for a group of people. Over several weeks, the Year 13’s got to know a group of Kohanga Ako students, planning engaging physical activity for them and looking for ways to increase activity over the course of a week.

Kohanga Ako students are learning about resilience through the Health and Literacy programme - BOUNCE BACK. This programme has been successfully implemented in many schools across Australia as a targeted way for students to develop their resilience. BOUNCE provides a template for the prompts we can ask ourselves during unpleasant or challenging situations. Bad times don’t last, things always get better, Other people can help if you talk to them - get a reality check, Unhelpful thinking makes you more upset - think again, Nobody is perfect, Catastrophizing only makes it worse, Everyone has ups and downs - it’s part of life.

Image by: Tania Mapp

Image by: Tania Mapp