Hero photograph
Photo by Jordan Jefferis

Te Rito Harakeke

Jordan Jefferis —

Time for Speeches!

During Term two, Te Rito Harakeke students worked tirelessly at creating posters, researching information and writing speeches about their personal heroes. This was an opportunity for the students to use their own words to describe who these heroes were and why they were so significant to them. They learned the skills of public speaking and how to engage an audience. Some of the students, who are non verbal, used devices to deliver their speeches. This meant they had to maintain eye contact and use expression to convey their messages. On the days of the competition we were lucky enough to have audiences made up of parents, caregivers, staff and Rolleston College students. I am very proud to say that the TRH students shone on the day and presented their speeches beautifully. There were even a few tears from audience members. The winner of the competition was Harry De Mouth, who will be presented with the Speech cup at the end of year.