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R2L Expectations at Rolleston College

Jordan Jefferis —

What does it mean to show the Rolleston Spirit?


  • Being on time to class (be seated in class before the music stops)

  • Bringing a charged Device to class

  • Bringing your own stationery - pen/paper/books/scissors/rulers/etc to every class

  • Begining promptly with the ‘Do Now’ 


  • Wearing the correct uniform at all times

  • Only using hallways for learning that cannot take place in the classroom

  • Leaving the learning space tidy - push in all chairs, move furniture to the right place, clean up all rubbish.

  • Leaving class via the closest exit as directed by your teacher

  • Break times - Outside only (NO downstairs inside)

  • Keeping left on the stairwells

  • Appropriate physical contact

We show RESPECT and KINDNESS by...

  • Show respect by being kind toward others, e.g. use of words/actions

  • We show respect of the space by only having one person in a toilet cubicle at a time.

  • We show respect of others by staying in class

    • If seeing a counselor you must show your teacher your booking before leaving class.

  • We show respect of our learning space by being tidy


See the Rolleston College website for the uniform guidelines.

  • If you are wearing an incorrect uniform item a staff member can confiscate this and it will be returned to you at the next mufti day.

  • If it is an item like shorts, these can be replaced with a temporary pair provided by the school.

  • Family/Whanau will be notified.

  • If your learner is unable to wear the correct uniform or uniform item, please send a note explaining why. They will then be issued a uniform pass for the day.

Other R2L Expectations

  • Energy drinks are not allowed at school. 

  • Scooters, bikes, skateboards, etc are not allowed to be used during break times.