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Pasifika and Nui Wave

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Pasifika at Rolleston College

Our goal is to foster greater connections with the wider Rolleston Pasifika community to help support our learners reach their full potential. We will help them look forward while also encouraging our Pasifika students to honour those that have gone before.

We aim to help pasifika learners develop themselves into strong, determined, resilient learners who will go out and shape New Zealand.

We aim to have the students leave Rolleston College with the ability to go down whatever path they decide and to have the ability to transform their futures in ways that bring them joy.

Nui Wave

Talofa lava, Kia orāna, Bula Vinaka, Kamustas, Mālō e lelei, Fakaalofa lahi atu

Nui Wave is our Pasifika and Filipino cultural group. The purpose of this group is to create space for, celebrate and promote Pasifika and Filipino culture at Rolleston College. We aim to create a space where our Pasifika and Filipino learners can stand tall, being proud of who they are. Throughout the year we work towards celebrating Pasifika language weeks, learn and participate in cultural activities, including games, song, and dance.

Our name ‘Nui Wave’ was gifted to the group by Matua Saki (Rolleston College foundation staff member) and is packed full of meaning. Nui communicates ‘great’, ‘important’, ‘big’, ‘plentiful’ in many languages. We wanted to create a space where Pasifika and Filipino culture is seen as important, with much to give. Wave - water is significant to all in the Pasific and therefore is something that connects us all. The use of the word wave also captures the enjoyment of water as well as what it provides. When pronounced, Nui sounds like the English word new and when combined - ‘Nui Wave’ it communicates the idea of a new movement. This represents the purpose of forming this group to create a new movement in our school community where Pasifika and Filipino learners stand tall by embracing all of who they are.

Pasifika Aims for Term 1 2021:

  • Pasifika parent and community evening - Week 4

  • Nui Wave evening - Week 5

  • Take students to watch Polyfest - date TBC

  • Create a space where the students can regularly meet to learn about their cultures and build relationships with others