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Photo by Jordan Jefferis

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Jordan Jefferis —

Fun for the 9Con2 Class

On 3/12/2020 9con2 went to the International Antarctic center. We found out so many new facts especially about the innovations and how they have changed from before. We had lots of fun. We got to watch a movie in 4D and we saw some baby penguins and Husky puppies.

Here are some comments from some people in our class. - Ella Devery

My favorite part was the 4D movie, it was from the penguins point of view of it sliding down a mountain and then icebergs melting. Our chairs moved and water was sprayed at us, snow came from the roof and even bubbles came as the ice fell into the water. - Lucy Dunnlogan

Part of the Antarctic Center is a place that is called “the snow room” or “the storm room”. The snow room is a room that people can enter and experience similar temperatures to ones in Antarctica, and occasionally a storm will occur, including a change of lights creating a dark surrounding, and also strong winds. Just off from the centre of the room there is an igloo, and if you’re facing the room then to the right of the igloo are two snowmobiles. Before entering, you must wear shoe coverings so that the snow doesn’t get dirty. -Phoebe Liddle

I really enjoyed the time we spent at the Antarctic Centre. I learned loads and will cherish the memories forever. I really liked learning about the penguins and huskies. I also enjoyed exploring all the little activities in the gallery. I loved the 4D movie because it was an entertaining and unique experience, it was also very realistic. The Storm Room was not as cold as I expected but it was still heaps of fun. Overall, I really enjoyed the trip and I would love to go again! - Zoë Maccoll