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Nurse's Notice

Jordan Jefferis —

A letter from our school nurse.

Dear Parent/Caregiver/learner

Subject: Asthma.

Please continue reading if your learner has been diagnosed with asthma.

Managing asthma

  1. Report immediately to an adult at school if you can not manage Asthma symptoms

  2. Asthma can flare at any time

  3. It is important to take Asthma medication as instructed and prescribed by Doctor

  4. Carry appropriate inhalers in your school bag

  5. Take inhaler with you when leaving the school building even if staying on school grounds

  6. Check expiry dates

  7. If you feel that your Asthma is not being managed well, seek GP reassessment

  8. Good management of airways now will protect lungs’ long term health

Support at Rolleston College

  1. Rolleston College encourages personal responsibility for managing a medical condition

  2. The nurse is available if support or advice is needed

  3. The nurse will make sure the teachers know about your learners Asthma (once current details have been updated)

  4. Spare inhalers can be stored in the nurse space

Please let the College nurse know:

  1. A recent diagnosis of Asthma

  2. A recent hospitalization

  3. What medication has been prescribed recently or long term.

  4. An Asthma plan that a Doctor may have provided ( a copy of this at school would be helpful)

  5. If your learner requires nurse support - welcome to visit me (via reception) at any time.


Increase education around Asthma.

CANBREATHE (Helping Cantabrians breath easy) - is your local Asthma Society, and it provides free school clinics run by a specially trained nurse

Please indicate if your learner would be interested in attending an education session with a nurse from CANBREATHE by emailing Rolleston College’s nurse - suejones@rollestoncollege.nz.

Sue Jones

(03) 5952490 ext 4024