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Important Information for NCEA External Examinations

Dr Andrew Williamson —

A few reminders for the upcoming external exams

Formal NCEA examinations begin on Tuesday 7 November and conclude on Friday 30 November. We would like to thank all the members of our community for their continued support by ensuring noise is kept to a minimum during this period. For the duration of the examination period, vehicle access to the quad is restricted. Parents and caregivers are requested not to use the Wellington Street entrance for dropping off and collecting students. Please use the Craigie Avenue and Cain Street entrances during this time.

NCEA External Admission Slips will be handed out in the last week of term. Students must bring these slips with them to all examinations and be able to produce them for the exam supervisors. Level 1 English students will also be issued with their username and password for the digital exams.

Please check examination timetables carefully and note whether the examination is in the morning or afternoon. Morning examinations start at 9:30am. Afternoon examinations start at 2:00pm.Students must arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of the exam.

For digital examinations (English Levels 1-3) students must arrive 40 minutes before the start of the exam to allow for set up of computer equipment and logging on to the exam.

This year, students will be allowed to bring in an emergency evacuation pack into the exam room. This pack can contain items that students may require in the unlikely event of an evacuation, such as a cell phone (turned off), watch (turned off if it’s a smartwatch), keys, money, medication, and/or Metrocards. This pack must be a clear sealable bag and will be placed under the student’s chair and must not be touched or opened without the permission of the supervisor. If they are not in the emergency evacuation pack, it is recommended that cell phones are left at home. The College Office will not collect and store phones for the exam.

Students are to turn up to exams in full Summer uniform, ensuring that only appropriate jewelry is worn and that boys are clean shaven.

Students who cannot sit an examination because of sickness, accident, injury or a family bereavement or other emergency must contact the Principal’s Nominee (Dr Williamson) as soon as possible. He will give advice about eligibility for a Derived Grade Application. Sickness must be covered by a Medical Certificate that states the student has been sighted by a doctor.

If a student feels ill during the examination and think they performed badly as a result, or have to leave the room, they must: 1) advise the exam room supervisor that they feel unwell, and then 2) go to the Principal's Nominee as soon as they leave the exam room for a Derived Grade Application.