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Photo by Andrew Jones

Roncalli Workdays 2019

Andrew Jones —

With the Roncalli Sports and Community Centre well and truly taking shape, we are now offering an opportunity for all students to contribute to this exciting project.

Roncalli College is currently in the process of expanding its facilities and has joined forces with the Parish and local community organisations to build the new Roncalli Sports and Community Centre. This new development will provide the College and the South Canterbury community with a covered turf area and sports pavilion to be used by both the College and outside groups such as South Canterbury Netball and Football, as well as meetings rooms for general community use.

We encourage our Roncalli students, who will be the main benefactors of this development, to help support the project by donating a few hours of their time for paid employment and then gifting the money earned back to the College. The goal would be for students to work for 3-4 hours and then donate the proceeds to the College ($40 is a guideline)

The College has chosen the date for our senior students of Thursday 29 of August because it is Junior Conferencing Day and will not impact on their learning. The Junior workday will be on Monday 14 October. It is expected that all work undertaken will be appropriate for the age of the student and that appropriate safety considerations be given when allocating the work.

If you require any further information about the Work Day please feel free to contact Roncalli College, on 688 6003.

The College appreciates your support for this exciting project and we strongly encourage students to provide service to their school and wider community.

The Centre is a fantastic complex for the benefit of the students and it is important that they feel some ownership of the project, to feel proud that they contributed in some small way to its success.