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Caitlin Bradley releasing her debut EP

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Break-through indie-pop artist CAITLIN releases her debut EP: STATES

We caught up with Caitlin Bradley recently and we are very excited to pass on details about her upcoming show and EP release. Here is a link to the show’s Facebook event and the ticketing website:https://www.facebook.com/events/5043687745739772?ref=newsfeedhttps://www.undertheradar.co.nz/.../Caitlin---States-Ep...You can find Caitlin's socials and listen to her music through this link:https://linktr.ee/caitlinmusic

We always love to hear from our Alumni!

Caitlin provided the following Press Release:

Break-through indie-pop artist CAITLIN releases her debut EP: STATES

Indie-pop artist ‘CAITLIN’ strikes listeners with her frank lyricism paired with guitar-driven music, filled with lush synth and harmonies. Caitlin’s debit album STATES follows three well-received singles released earlier this year. STATES exhibits Caitlin’s extensive range in her songwriting, writing upbeat indie-rock hits (‘Hardly’) and tunes inspired by indie-pop and alt-country (‘Let Me Down’). The EP’s closing tune ‘Kitchen’ is mellow indie-pop at its finest; full of ethereal sounds, with a beautiful melody that will transport you to a quiet night’s beach sunset in an instant. Caitlin’s debut EP showcases her diversity and sentimental writing.

The EP’s title ‘STATES’ is based off the idea of being in different ‘states of mind’ or ‘emotional states’. Each song relishes on a new idea, whether than be jealousy, frustration, infatuation, or indifference. Inspired by indie-pop sensations Julia Jacklin, Faye Webster, and Spacey Jane, the songwriter has defined her unique sound in the indie-pop genre. Caitlin’s sweet but clear vocal tone has been compared to the likes of the Grammy nominated Madison Cunningham: another strong influence for her writing and style. Produced and mixed by Ryan Fisherman, STATES captures a young artist’s journey through discovering themselves, navigating the challenges of relationships and coming to terms with circumstances out of your control.

STATES features the talents of talented musicians Will McGillivray (Goodwill), Thomas Isbister, Ryan Chin (Fisherman), and Shaun Malloch. These Christchurch artists are well- respected for their talents and bring the song to life with tasteful synth, vocals, and lead lines.

Catch Caitlin with a full live band at her EP Release Show at Space Academy on August 12!

Tickets available now: