Hero photograph
Emma Jamieson and Tallulah Rooney with their Tuckshop vouchers
Photo by Connaire Roughan

Roncalli CARES update.

Connaire Roughan —

More than 4000 signatures recorded as recognition of students

It has been a busy and successful term for our launch of Roncalli CARES. We have seen over 440 Roncalli CARES cards completed school wide, which means there have been more than 4000 signatures recorded as recognition of students demonstrating our five Roncalli CARES values. Our year 9 cohort is leading the charge with over 180 completed cards and Chanel is leading the house total for cards with 136. Congratulations to all students who have completed Roncalli CARES cards this term.

The following students have been recognised for collecting 5 Roncalli CARES cards:

Year 9

Amy Dunn

Paige Andrews

Olivia Piddington

Tallulah Rooney

Riley Columb

Dorothy Wilson

Year 10

Brendan Chenier

Year 11

Gabriel van Royan

Congratulations to these students and to the winners of the weekly draw for a tuck-shop voucher.