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Photo by Marian Mehrtens

Gateway Profile - Alexi Cook

Marian Mehrtens —

I'm all about my art and design. My placement at Artikel & Swint gave me a really good view of what I might be doing in that kind of job.

Starting Gateway this year was very exciting, I didn't know what I might end up doing but I was ready to jump in. I was put in a design work placement at Artikel and Swint to start off with, which I loved! Artikel and Swint is a company that designs advertising for agriculture companies. They had me design logos for many different companies and showed me how they put a brief together for the company they were hired by.  The brief is then presented to the client to get their opinion.

To help expand my knowledge I attended a taster course in the school holidays at Yoobee College in Christchurch. The course was three days long and I worked on animation and character development over that time. Since experiencing design in a real workplace I have come to like the idea and have discovered future options I would like to consider.

I have also discovered a love for cars and car painting so in term three Gateway has given me the opportunity to try work experience at Brown and Shipman with their refinishing team. I'm excited to give it a try. I feel ready for when I leave Roncalli especially after going through Gateway. Gateway is an amazing way to help you figure out future options and for you to experience things you would like to try or do in the future.