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Roncalli College Fair

Tamara Young —

Update from the PTA

Preparations are now well underway for the 2020 Fair. We appreciate all the help we get from our school community and we are very fortunate to have so many parents and families that are willing to be involved and support this event – it is the major fundraiser for the year so we want it to be a huge success! It is not too late to offer your help, so please get involved and join in the fun of the day! We are in particular need of helpers to set up on Saturday 17 October and to help with stalls at the Fair.

Thanks to all those families who have contacted the PTA with offers of help. If you have not done so already, please let the College office know how you plan to help.

Year 9 & 10 students

It has always been a tradition at Roncalli that Year 9 & 10 families are asked to provide baking and sweets for the fair, although it is certainly not restricted to Year 9 & 10 – the more the better! Sweets and baking can be dropped at the college office or at the foods room from 1pm on Saturday 17 October– it does not need to be packaged up ready for selling because our fabulous sweets stall team can do that – just pop it in a container and drop it off.

Year 13 students

Another tradition at Roncalli is that Year 13 families donate items for the grocery raffle. Last year we had a fabulous selection of items in the trolley and we would hope to do even better this year. Please check items for an expiry date before donating them, and a variety of grocery items is appreciated. We want the trolley to look full and impressive, so donate items that you would like to see if you were buying a ticket! There will be a trolley located in the main office reception for the collection of grocery items.

Raffle Books

Thanks to the many families who have already returned raffle books. If you have not yet returned your book, please do so as soon as possible. All books must be accounted for, so even unsold books must be returned. Please save us from having to make a phone call chasing these up! Congratulations to Amanda Stoat who won the random draw for returning their raffle books by the deadline.

Thank You.

Roncalli College PTA