Hero photograph
Rebeka Brown -  Acrylic Painting
Photo by Nikki Hall

Roncalli Digital Art Gallery

Nikki Hall —

Here is a recent collection of beautiful work being created in our Visual Art and Design spaces. For some this is progress towards their NCEA Art and Design portfolios.

Rebeka Brown's toucan painting above  - this is one of her recent works for her folio. The Year 12 students have a theme of an animal (which they choose) and its environment .

Ricky Kim - Water colour — Image by: Nikki Hall

The Small cloud painting is by Ricky Kim taking Level 3 painting. our Level 3 painters get a choice of what they paint for their folios. Ricky uses water colours and bases his work on characters he has created for his folio.

Ruby Young - Printmaking  dry point etching. — Image by: Nikki Hall

Ruby Young  Level 3 printmaking - This is one of her recent works thats going towards her board, using the technique of dry point etching.

 Madeleine de Joux - Mixed Media  — Image by: Nikki Hall

From Year 10 Semester 1 -   They created a mixed media piece based around flora and fauna. They started by taking their own pictures of their chosen plants and created observational drawings. They they explored different media types and ways to create composition and backgrounds. They also got to dry out some print making by dry point etching . Their final work was a mixed media piece.   

Year 9 - 3d Printed Personalised Laptop Luggage Tags — Image by: Nikki Hall

Here is what our Year 9s worked on last rotation - in DVC they designed their own logo and following a design brief in which they had to design a bag tag with their initials on it and of a particular size - they designed the logo then created it in 3D modelling program, and then their tags got printed in the 3D printer. 

Zyon Pinamonti - Print making — Image by: Nikki Hall

In Art, Year 9 were introduced to some printmaking - they learnt about cultural patterns and followed the style of a NZ artist who uses cultural patterns to create prints within letters. They all designed their own version of this - including cultural designs within the first letter of their name. Zyon has included symbols and patterns from her own families culture of Africa.