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Code of Conduct ~ Sportsmanship

Jose Zandbergen —

It is great to see the pride our students show when representing Roncalli College. As we are under way with our winter sports season, it is a timely reminder to view our code of conduct that was signed at the start of the year. Good luck to all our teams and we wish you all the best in your respective sports.

SPORTS CODE OF ETHICS By signing this form, all those involved in sport at Roncalli College will:

  • Behave in such a manner as to be held as a Roncalli College role model for parents and players.
  • Treat players, coaches, referees and officials with respect and use manners and the appropriate channels when communicating with them.
  • Treat opposition players with respect regardless of their ability, attitude or actions.
  • Encourage supporters to be positive and/or constructive in their comments or actions.
  • Uphold fair play as a Roncalli value.
  • Ensure that your player respects the environment in which practices and/or games take place, leaving them tidy, clean and damage free.
  • Be mindful of the fact that sport is a vehicle for providing opportunities and experiences for growing young adults into meaningful and constructive members of society.
  • Be supportive and proactive in any fundraising initiatives to support the sport that your player is involved with.

Codes of Conduct On entering the College, all parents and students sign a document for players regarding expectations and behaviour. This can be used as a reference for all parents and players. In addition there is a coaches and administrators Code of Conduct that can be used and held by individual sports for their reference.

At the start of the Year all students, parents and guardians completed these documents. (copy attached)

  • Roncalli College Code of Conduct ~ Players
  • Roncalli College Code of Conduct ~ Parents/Guardians

All Coaches and Managers will be shared this document to complete with their respective sports codes. (copy attached)

  • Roncalli College Code of Conduct ~ Coaches/Managers


Sport is vital to the health and wellbeing of all people. At the College we encourage all students to play at least one sport, primarily to keep themselves physically active and healthy but also to forge relationships with other students (therefore developing and extending their peer group), staff (who they are able to see in a different light) and other adults in the community (who can be another source of mentoring). In reality, over 80% of students play sport for the College, with many playing 2 or 3 sports.

Whilst the College employs a full time Sports Co ordinator (Jose Zandbergen) who works tirelessly beyond the hours she is employed for, it is members of the community that ensure that sport thrives at the College. The College has an open mind to all sports and encourages any students and parents who are interested in developing a sport at the College to contact them for steps on how to get their passion off the ground.

It important to revel in the competitive element of sport but also realise that we are a small College and the competitors are kids; sport at the College is another vehicle to grow them as compassionate, resourceful and resilient, community minded young adults. The development of personalities in a constructive manner should be the prime objective of any team and sport at the College. 

The College values are integral in the way sport at the College should be approached - Roncallians always seek to be ‘above the line’