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Sacred Heart students entertained by Neave's singing & tap dancing performance in the role of 'Tuesday Addams'
Photo by Kim Wheeler

Roncalli students participate in Sacred Heart Primary School's Celebration of Music

Nikki Hall —

As part of NZ Music Month 2021

Students from Roncalli College were invited to perform throughout May at Sacred Heart Primary and showcase music from a range of styles and also perform their own musical compositions. Thank you to Hayley Goodman for organising the month-long event and to the students and staff at Sacred Heart Primary school for being an incredibly supportive audience for us.

Western Art Music in week 1: Juhyeong and Eunseong Kim

Musical Theatre in week 2: Neave Bruin, Nico Lee, Sheridan Ioane

Country&Western in week 3: Riley Curragh, Finly Andrews, Eli Reuben

Pop & Rock in week 4: Anya O'Connor, Sam Fauth, Grace Coe, and Mya George.

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