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Photo by Guy Sutherland

Year 10 Camp

Guy Sutherland —

The letter for year 10 Camp has been emailed out, please check your inbox and complete the consent form. If you have not received one please contact the College office.

Week 1 - 4-8 March (Core Classes 10 A and 10 T)

Week 2 - 11-15 March (Core Classes 10 E and 10 M)

Please email Guy Sutherland on g.sutherland@roncalli.school.nz if you student needs to attend a different week to the one they are placed on or if they cannot attend camp.

I have attached the gear list and gear request form that can also be downloaded from the College Website under the camps tab.

I have also added the Camp Porridge Recipe. I receive lots of requests for the recipe from ex-students so thought I would post it for those interested. In total for camps this year we will cater for 164 people over the 2 weeks and the Year 10 students will make 75kg of porridge in Year 10 Foods class in preparation for camp.