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Rachael Burrowes —

Peace is the language we must speak 'Pope Francis'

Pentecost Sunday 5 June

Pentecost is the Feast where we celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit to guide and sustain the Church after the death, resurrection and ascension to Heaven of Jesus.

Pentecost is hugely significant to us as members of the Church because:

  • Without the presence of the Spirit Jesus’ mission could not have continued and the Church would not have been born.

  • The Spirit poured out gifts on people that enabled them to live as Jesus lived and build his kingdom here on earth.
  • The coming of the Spirit fulfilled Jesus’ promise to be with his followers always.
  • Pentecost enables the Spirit to live in the world, in the Church and in our hearts guiding and prompting us to make Jesus alive in the world.

To begin our week here at Roncalli our Year 13 student leaders organised for our college prayer to read in a range of different languages. It was a wonderful example of the many gifts that our students are willing to share with others.

Image by: Jose Zandbergen

St Kevin's College Exchange

Scripture Reading was one of the many activities on the annual St Kevin's Exchange. It was wonderful for junior and senior students to read seen and unseen Scripture. We thank them for their participation that enhances the Special Character of both Colleges. In particular thanks to our junior participants Maevi Fleming and Saoirse Bielski and our senior participants Jemimah Francisco and Isla Young.

Upcoming Events

Social Justice Workshops

In June we will be joined by the Marist Team and Father Mark Walls (sm) to offer two workshop days for our Year 12 students on ‘Social Justice’.

The first day will be the 21 June and the second on 22 June. If you wish to take part in one of these challenging and interesting days please speak to your Year 12 Religious Studies teacher. This is a wonderful opportunity to expand your knowledge and develop your sense of justice.

Year 13 Mid-Year Retreat

Monday 20 June in the Holy Family Parish Centre. More information to come.