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Otago Junior Mathematics Competition

Georgia McEwen —

The emphasis is on problem solving, so expect surprises!

Each year, the University of Otago host a Junior Maths Competition for students in years 9-10. This competition tests a students’ problem-solving abilities, and their ability to carefully read questions in order to fully understand them.

This year, the competition was split into two parts – the first was a one hour online exam which we had a group of junior students complete in April. Well done to all students who challenged themselves and had a go!

The second part of the competition was offered only to those students who came in the top 15% of participants from the first part. This means these students were in the top 15% of the very bright NZ students who attempted this. 

A huge congratulations goes to Matthew Armstrong and Annie Henderson who were offered a place in this! We can’t wait to hear how you got on!