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Photo by Nikki Hall

The Emperor's New Clothes

Nikki Hall —

The Roncalli Senior Drama Class presents for your amusement this Term, 'The Emperor's New Clothes'. A pantomime adaptation of the tale inspired by Hans Christian Anderson.

The two performances will be in Week 9 of this Term on Tuesday 29 and Wednesday 30 June at 7pm in the Hall, and these students will be assessed for their efforts in this show. A donation of the proceeds  is going to the Cancer Society with the promise of a barrel of laughs. What more could you want?


Sian Wake (playwright) has crafted a show about a young Emperor who is forced to take the throne after his selfish, fashion-model Mum abandons him to go to Italy to buy more shoes.

Mum also reminds him to collect lots of taxes so he can update his wardrobe regularly. Eager to impress his Mother, the Emperor does exactly that: He increases the taxes and demands the villagers make him the most impressive outfit ever! While this shenanigans takes place, we meet characters such as Nanny, our two chefs Grotty and Snotty, Mary the Maid, Fiona the Fashionista, our Factor Manager and Secretary followed by her angry mob of villagers, and who can forget Sassy Sam! 

This family friendly pantomime will keep you laughing in your chair with all its twists, turns and peppering of delightful dances! Want to find out what trick they play on the Emperor? 

Come and see us to find out!