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New Student Opportunities in 2021

Chris Comeau —

We are pleased to offer a number of exciting opportunities for students in 2021

Senior Students

Learning Advisory

Beginning in Term one, all senior students will have the opportunity to work within a small group with one dedicated Learning Advisor. The purpose of each Learning Advisory group is to:

  • Support students to achieve their goals
  • Monitor, track and communicate student academic progress on a regular basis
  • Facilitate student’s engagement in authentic, meaningful learning during Wednesday Flexday (see below)

The Learning Advisory Programme provides a complementary service to House and Year Level Deans, subject teachers, and other Roncalli College pastoral care staff.

As part of the Learning Advisory programme all senior students will also be supported with a programme that will help them develop key academic, vocational, social, and well-being skills and strategies. Examples of these include organisation, time management, goal setting, communication, personal well-being, and study skills.

Students will be advised of their Learning Advisor in January and will be invited, along with their parents/caregivers, to attend a Course Confirmation meeting with their Learning Advisor. At this meeting, further information about the Learning Advisory programme will be shared. Appointment times for these meetings will be sent by the Roncalli College Office.

Flexday (Wednesday)

To support student engagement in real-world, authentic learning, Year 12 and 13 students will be offered a more flexible and personalised timetable on Wednesdays. Beginning in week 8 of Term 1, this day will run as a ‘Flexday’. Students will be able to select from a number of options based around their chosen leaning pathway, their emerging academic priorities as well as their interests. While primarily for Year 12 and 13 students this may also be offered to some Year 11 students where appropriate.

Examples of activities which may occur on Flexday include students taking advantage of extra tutorials, working towards scholarship examinations, undertaking a university bridging course, work experience, studying an additional subject or taking advantage of block courses/passion projects.

Examples of block courses/ passion projects that may be offered by staff include:

  • Nutrition 101
  • Sustainable Gardens
  • Mural Painting
  • Debating
  • Basic Automotive Care
  • Maths for Living
  • Service at Nursing Homes
  • FlexDay Fitness/Outdoor Education

We look forward to seeing you in January 2021 where more detailed information about these changes will be shared and explained.

Junior School

Capabilities Classes

Beginning in Term 1, all Year 9 and 10 students will participate in a weekly Capabilities Class. This will occur during Period 1 each Wednesday. The purpose of this specialised class is to facilitate the teaching and learning of the important skills and abilities that will be required for success in the 21st century society.

Each class will be taught by a Specialised Capabilities Teacher and will encourage deeper learning. Examples of topics that will be covered include critical thinking, creativity, organisation, collaboration, self-management, and communication.

The aim of the programme is to:

  • Help students understand and apply important life skills
  • Support students to set personal goals and assess their progress towards the mastery of key life skills
  • Help students to connect and practice the life skills they learn in the classroom to their lives outside and beyond school

Capabilities classes will complement the existing pastoral support already available to students.

As part of the Capabilities programme all junior students will create a personalised Google website through which they will be able to upload and share their learning with parents and caregivers. In effect, it will become their ‘living CV’. 

We look forward to seeing all Year 9 and 10 students in January 2021 at which time more detailed information about Capabilities classes will be shared and explained.


In 2021 we will be running a six-period day (apart from Wednesday). This ensures that all students will meet each of their subject teachers four times a week. This timetable will ensure consistency and continuity of learning. Class periods will be 45 minutes in length but there is the opportunity for double periods of 90 minutes where appropriate.

As a College we are excited about these new opportunities. We believe these changes will promote engagement in real world learning as well as support students to achieve their academic, social, cultural and well-being goals. Receiving regular support and feedback will further enable students to succeed and will allow parents and caregivers to be meaningful partners in their students' learning. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to wish you a safe and happy Christmas and holiday season.