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Photo by Ashley Herbert

Crafting a success

Ashley Herbert —

Students have been picking up new skill in the Creativity through Craft Flex option.

In term 2 students were introduced to three different forms of craft as a part of their Flex options. With a group of 13 students, there was a range of abilities from absolute beginner to intermediate. 

We started with basic crocheting with the aim to create small items such a bow hair and flower ties. Challenges included hand coordination and left handed crocheting. With sweat and possibly tears, the students all had some level of success making beanie hats, scarves, and even a Dumpling Kitty.  

Knitting was more familiar to the group, with many having been taught by family members. The kitting bug caught on to one student who wasn't even doing the Craft Flex option. We again were presented with the challenge of left handed knitting, something I have never considered. Success again with more scarves and a police car.

The final section of polymer clay required more imagination. The students were introduced to the basic handling and forming of the clay. Using moulds and free hand techniques a range of badges, earrings and keychains were made. 

All students leave the Flex option with the materials to continue their skills and creativity at home. 

Ka mau te pai.