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Photo by Rose Struthers

Homestay Facilitator

Su Palmer —

Become a ‘home away from home’ for an International Student!

Roncalli College is looking for caring host families for short stay and long-term students. Think what it would be like to send your own child thousands of miles from home where no one speaks ‘Kiwi English’ and where the culture is quite different. 

 What sort of family would you want to welcome your child during their stay overseas? If you offer a home to an international student, you know that one student is in a kind and caring family and they will return home with a positive experience and lifelong friendship.

The ‘children of today are the leaders of tomorrow’ and you can play a part in enhancing an international student’s experience and preparing them to become members of a global community!

If you are interested or want to know more about hosting, please contact our Homestay Facilitator, Su Palmer of Uniting Nations. Su can talk you through the easy homestay application process. She can answer the questions you may have about hosting as she has extensive experience in providing a caring homestay environment to international students for over 20 years.