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Thank you to Roger at Ravensdown, Geraldine for hosting our fossil dig. 
Photo by Ashley Herbert

Year 12 General Science Geology Trip

Ashley Herbert —

Term 3 has seen the Level 2 General Science class studying New Zealand geology. In particular students need to be able to identify and discuss local rock formations.

Over the recent weeks, the students have been learning about geological processes that have led to the formation of New Zealand's physical features. 

We were lucky to work with Keely, South Canterbury Museum, who took us out for a fossil dig at the Ravensdown Geraldine Lime Quarry. We were shown around by the quarry manager, Roger, who informed us that the quarry was well known for fossils ranging from Moa bones to sharks teeth. Although we didn't unearth anything that exciting, that didn't dampen our spirits and the students got stuck in smashing rocks. The group did find many remains of shells including a large oyster shell. 

Roger gave a presentation which looked at the range of products Ravensdown produce, specifically the Lime produced on site. 

Next, we visited the Historic Lime Kiln at Kakahu and discussed the changes in the production of lime since settlers first arrived in Timaru. After a short walk along the escarpment track, Keely discussed the effects of weathering and erosion. This was evident from the large cracks in the rocks and the shape of the mushroom rocks. 

For the final stage of the trip we visited our local volcano, Mt Horrible. We viewed the extrusive basalt columns, the remains of an eruption from approximately 2 million years ago. It was this eruption which has shaped the landscape Timaru and the surrounding area. 

I would like to thank Mrs Dickerson, Keely and Roger for all their input into making the trip successful. 

Mrs Herbert