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Inter-house Debating

Inter-house Debating

Dave Batchelor —

Last Wednesday the Final of the Inter-house Debating was held with Chanel and McAuley House the finalists.

The topic for the Final was a hypothetical one: There exists a drug that increases empathy in Individuals. Empathy is putting yourself in the shoes of others. The ability to understand and share the feelings of others. This House, as the State, would lace their country's water supply with that drug. Chanel, as the Affirmative argued strongly that empathy had dropped in society in recent years but that if it could be increased there would be less prejudice, better understanding of other cultures, social media quality and society would be much improved with less crime and bullying. McAuley countered by saying no Government should ever secretly drug its people and instead the drug should be offered as a voluntary choice. They contended that too much empathy may worsen people's mental health and that as water is the source of life it should never be made into a mind altering drug. They argued the rights of the individual to say no should not be infringed.

The Debate was very close, but in the end the adjudicators Mr Batchelor and Miss Olsen awarded victory to Chanel.