Hero photograph
Form 7 with Mrs Wilkes 1982
Photo by Roncalli Achives

Roncalli College - 1982-2022 - celebrating 40 years!

Rose Struthers —

Roncalli College was formed in 1982 following the amalgamation of St Patrick’s High School and Mercy College

The College takes its name from the family name of St Pope John XXIII, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli. Elected to the Papacy in 1958, Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli steered the Church on a path of renewal which revitalised Catholic life throughout the world. His genial disposition, simple faith and sincerity endeared him to all. He was very active in promoting ecumenism, justice and peace. St Pope John XXIII was canonized on 27 April 2014.

Image by: Rose Struthers

From St Pope John XXIII the College ethos is 'to seek truth and peace', a wonderful summation of his life, a true disciple of Christ. This remains at the forefront of all we do at Roncalli each day.

Image by: Rose Struthers

'To seek truth and peace' is depicted on the College crest combined with symbols of our Mercy and Marist Charisms. The Marist symbol is the ‘Star of the Sea’ is intertwined with A and M (‘Ave Maria’) which reminds us of Mary, Mother of Christ and the Mercy cross symbolises the heart of our redemption by Jesus Christ.

Roncalli Crest — Image by: Rose Struthers

Our archivist, Dave Batchelor, has sent through a selection of photographs from 1982 for our alumni to enjoy.