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Photo by Miss Allan

Simple Truth Theatre Company

Miss Allan —

A touring performance of Gary Henderson's An Unseasonable Fall of Snow.

Roncalli, Craighead and Mountainview Drama students were lucky enough to watch the Simple Truth Theatre Company's production of Gary Henderson's An Unseasonable Fall of Snow on Tuesday 7 May. 

Image by: Miss Allan

This was a hard hitting play with some challenging themes reminding us to be there for each other, talk about the struggles we are going through and support each other. 

We loved seeing how the actors controlled the atmosphere, and with simple set, lighting and sound created a really impacting performance.

We also enjoyed a practical and engaging workshop where we looked at portraying different core emotions and changing atmospheres.

Image by: Miss Allan

Thank you to the Simple Truth team for all the work that has gone into this production and for having the courage to tackle some really important issues.