Hero photograph
Kayla Heyns assisting with survey work, Rooney Earthmoving
Photo by Marian Mehrtens

Gateway Profile - Kayla Heyns

Marian Mehrtens —

Gateway is a great way to experience what jobs are really like and to help me choose the right career. I enjoy going to Rooney Earthmoving, the surveyors I get paired with teach me how to use the equipment and let me help them a lot throughout the day

Before I started Gateway this year I thought it would be a great way for me to experience different jobs and hopefully find a job that I would really enjoy. 

I trialed taster days with Fulton Hogan where I did traffic management, with Tira NDA where I did mechanical engineering for the day, then I went to Rooney Earthmoving and did surveying. I ended up choosing to continue at Rooney Earthmoving because I enjoyed the job the most.

When I go to Rooney’s on Wednesdays I get paired up with one of the surveyors for the day. We usually go to a couple of different sites and use different tools like GPS, Total Station, NDM, and cable locators. Once we've completed all the work on sites we go back to the office and input all of the information into CAD. 

I am completing a Gateway Connexis Micro-Credential qaulification called "Introduction to Infrastructure Works"; these assignments match my work experience and also count towards my Level 2 NCEA. I have 7 assessments to complete, 3 of them are practical and 4 are theory. I have learnt a lot about the machinery, tools and about Health and Safety on site.

When I leave school I plan to find a job in surveying and hope to complete my qualifications in this field.