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Avana Richardt on work experience at Stafford Personnel
Photo by Marian Mehrtens

Gateway Profile - Avana Richardt

Marian Mehrtens —

When you think of Gateway you think it would just be for builders, sparkies etc. However I chose to go down the path of HR (human resources) which Gateway could cater for

Hi I am Avana and this year I chose to take Gateway because it helps to build your skills in an area you would like to have a career in, some even get a job out of it.  At the start of the year you do a health and safety course worth 16 credits and a first aid course.

Before you are put in a placement you have three taster days at different workplaces, Mrs Mehrtens arranges the workplaces. After those three or sometimes more taster days you decide which one you like best and then Mrs Mehrtens gets in contact with the business to arrange your placement for 1 day every week.

Once you have a placement you do assessments relevant to your workplace, I currently have a placement at Stafford Personnel and will be doing commerce assessments by distance learning. Stafford Personnel is a recruitment agency so they do a lot of things such as drug tests, interviewing people, inductions in many workplaces, get people temporary or permanent jobs, make sure everyone is treated fairly in the workplaces they are put into. So overall Gateway is an amazing learning opportunity. I would highly recommend taking it if you are keen on getting out into the real world and have an idea of what you would like to do.