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Year 10 Market Day

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Hazelle Tate & Shian Coskerie —

Year 10 Market Day

Hazelle Tate - The Perfect Pair (Sold polymer clay earrings and keyrings)

When I first started Enterprise I thought that Market Day would be scary, having to talk to people older than me or people thinking our products are bad quality. The Day of Market day I was really nervous about how it would go, and if we would make much. Now I look back on market day, it was fun selling our products, hearing lots of people say that our products were really nice. Setting up the table with our posters and products made it feel even more real. That lunchtime felt very short.

After that lunchtime had finished, I was nervous to see how much we had made but I was also disappointed. I thought that we would have sold more things then we ended up selling but at the end of the day we made a big profit of over $200 which is great. Hopefully one day we can sell the rest of our products, it is cool seeing people smile as they look at our products and buy them. We made people happy when they brought our products, which is really cool. It was fun making all of the products, creating designs and using lots of different colours was cool. If I ever did market day again, I think that I would maybe not make as many products and have more advertising like a couple of weeks before market day.

Shian Coskerie - Waxy wonders (Sold homemade candles)

Market Day turned out to be a great success for my group and I. Not only did we manage to prepare our products efficiently and successfully, but we also sold all our products within the first ten minutes of lunch. By selling all our products, we ended up making about forty dollars profit, some of which will be going towards charity. My group and I are very satisfied with the whole process and how all our products were sold with ease.

Our customers and other people at market day seemed to be quite interested in our products and had positive opinions on them. Our customers were thrilled by the scent and design of the candles, leading them to purchase our products. Many of our customers bought our products after realising the scent they gave off. Not only did the candles smell great, but they left the kitchen smelling like passionfruit after the manufacturing process.