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Photo by Andrew Jones

All the fun at the Roncalli Fair

Andrew Jones —

This year's Fair proceeds to go towards the first major building project since the opening of the Gym.

With the finalisation of the concept, the PTA have pledged the proceeds of the next three Fairs towards raising the remaining $1.5m of the $2.5m Roncalli Sports and Community Centre.

The Roncalli Fair is a constant landmark on the South Canterbury calendar, and whilst it is the annual major fundraiser for the College, it has a couple of other key purposes that build a greater sense of community.

Each House Group is asked to create a stall for the Fair, with students encouraged to use their own ideas and skills towards developing entertainment. This gives the students, especially seniors, a leadership opportunity and experience in developing and managing a small scale project, often co operating with people outside their peer group. In addition, the Fair is about developing a sense of community spirit, creating an event for people from around South Canterbury to mix and mingle, providing economical entertainment and bargains for young and old.

The expectations on our students are that they be present for this compulsory College Day, giving their time, ensuring that sporting, work and other commitments are mitigated in advance. Each student is also expected to contribute through donations of goods or money (depending on the decision of the group) to the running of their House Group stall.