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Photo by Jose Zandbergen

Roncalli College Sports Prize Giving Cup & Trophies 2019 ~ Please Return

Jose Zandbergen —

There are a number of Sports cups & trophies outstanding.

Thank you to the students who have already returned their cups. 

Students who have outstanding cups and trophies from the 2019 College Sports Prize Giving, please return to the College Office or Sports Office by this Friday 25 September.

Anniemaria Burrell: Ryan Family Trophy

Briana Grace: Wayne Williams Trophy

Brianna Grace: Bartlett Family Trophy

Caleb Houston: Roncalli College Basketball Trophy

David Pribis: Hickey Family Trophy

Ella Sugrue: Mee Family Cup

Finley Andrews: Hickey Family Trophy

George Laing: G.King Cup

George Laing: St Pats Cup

Hayley Esler: De Joux Family Cup

Hazel Henry: Wayne Williams Trophy

Isla McManus: De Joux Family Cup

Jaxson Whyte: Father Mark Beban Cup

Mollie Phillips: Klondyke Fresh Milk Cup

Phoebe Scarsbrook: The Jones Trophy

Rueben Lee: Roncalli College Trophy

Sophie Lyons: Carol Dawson Trophy

Thomas Flynn: McDonald Cup

Tyran Baldwin: Roncalli College Basketball Trophy

Tyran Baldwin: Patrick Grogan Memorial Trophy

William Laing: Roncalli College PTA Cup

William Laing: Maurice Stapleton Cup

William Laing: The Aorangi Customs and Pelle Cup

School Leavers

Ben Davenport: Cricketing Ability SPHS Cup

Ben Kerr: Celtic RFC Trophy

Ben Kerr: Roncalli College Cup

Emma Sheehan: Mould Family Trophy

Jack Pratt: O’Loughlin Family Cup


Jan-Hendrik Kuepper: The “Oar”