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Ella Ryan - Lee Johns My Travel Broker
Photo by Marian Mehrtens

Gateway Profile - Ella Ryan

Marian Mehrtens —

Travel Agent

Careers I researched for Gateway are: travel agent, receptionist and beautician. I went on two taster days, one to Stafford Personnel as a receptionist and one to My Travel Broker as a travel agent.

After my taster days I decided that I wanted to look further into a career as a travel agent. Lee Johns My Travel Broker said that they were keen to have me for my Gateway work experience .

At My Travel Broker I have my own desk to work at, I complete any tasks that the owner Lee Johns gives me, like completing google sheets on information for their clients, cleaning the place up, working on the CCTV system, working with the travel consultant Tracey on booking tickets, itineraries, charging customers for booking accommodation and rental cars.

I am not registered with an ITO but with New Zealand School Of Tourism instead. I have been given four tourism work books and an assessment with each of them to complete throughout this year. I complete a work book then I have to do the assessment for the workbook. Once the books and assessments are done they are sent back to New Zealand School of Tourism to be marked. Each book is worth a number of credits that go towards Level 2 NCEA.

Next year I think I will return to school to complete level 3 and get UE because I am thinking of going to university and doing a Bachelor of Tourism Management, but I am not fully sure on this.