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Market Day 2018
Photo by Regan Powell

Market Day 7 June 2019

Regan Powell —

All products on display demonstrate originality and innovation, with a focus on sustainability

During this semester, our budding young entrepreneurial Year 10 students have experienced first hand what setting up a real business is like. 

To start this unit, our students worked out their areas of strength within a business context and were placed accordingly into teams. This is where the magic begins! 

From here, they brainstorm ideas, price out materials, seek expert advice and raise start-up capital. Teams then create business plans, followed by rigorous consumer testing and market research. 

The scary part of the course comes next - groups must survive the Dragons' Den. They pitch their business ideas to a panel of fierce judges, hoping to gain the all important pass to trade at market day.

Please join us this year on June 7, in the Roncalli College Gymnasium, to see first hand what our talented students have produced. 

All products on display demonstrate originality and innovation, with the theme of sustainability being a focus.

There is range of products to suit all ages and budgets. 

Each group will be donating at least 15% of their profits to the cancer society. Your support will be greatly appreciated