Hero photograph
Ricky Kim
Photo by Rose Struthers

Student Profile - Ricky Kim - International Student Leader

Rose Struthers —

Hi, I’m Ricky Kim from South Korea and this year I am Year 13 in Roncalli College. I am also the 2019 International Student Leader.

What I am focused on this year at Roncalli College is looking out for our international students, taking them to the right classroom when they don’t know where they have to go, and helping with international farewell dinners.

I also talk with the Principal, the International Director and ESOL Teacher, about what can we do for new international students, to help them make friends, and to hopefully make the experience of studying at Roncalli a memorable one.

I’m really looking forward to the role this year. One of my goals is that I want to improve the quality of support for international students.

I also have to make speeches sometimes which I don’t look forward to so much!

And I lastly I entered SmokefreeRockquest for this year, I'd like to win a prize in Timaru. In the future I want to be a singer songwriter so this is really good chance for me and it could be a big step for me.