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Important Reminders

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Parking & drop off points for students - Student driver permits - Uniform & Student appearance - Sickness - Appointments during school hours - Uniform


We would like to remind you that the College has identified the Wellington Street entrance and the Quad area as a safety issue of concern. This is a very high traffic area with students going about their daily business, especially at the beginning and end of the College day. The commencement of the building project has also impacted on the traffic in Wellington Street so we  ask that parents transporting students pick up and drop off their students at either the Cain Street or Craigie Ave entrances.


Students who are driving cars to school are required to apply for a parking permit from the College office, these permits must be updated at the beginning of each calendar year. On change of license conditions, the new drivers’ license must be presented to the College office for copying and a new driving permit will be issued.

If the student wishes to transport passengers who are students at Roncalli; these must be named on the application and the parent of the passenger must authorise this. Random audits shall occur by staff supervising the carpark area. These shall be to check for parking compliance, authorised passengers, and vehicle WOF.


  • Students are expected to be clean, neat and tidy in appearance. 
  • Makeup is not to be worn. 
  • Boys are to be clean shaven. 
  • Hair - Male & Female - Hair should be clean, comb-able, one natural colour, tied up off the collar and face. No rats tails, mullets, shave lines or hair accessories other than ribbons of House or College colours. 
  • Earrings & other Jewellery -  Watches are acceptable but no other bracelets • No facial piercings are permitted • Only one piercing may be worn per ear, and through the lobe • Only small white pearls, plain silver or gold studs or sleepers are permitted 


Students should not ring to explain an absence, this should be done by a parent/guardian. The parent/guardian should phone the College Office in the morning of each day they are absent. Where this does not occur, the student is to bring a note to their House Group teacher immediately on their return to school. The Office appreciates if parents ring any time before 8.30am and leave a message on the answer phone, otherwise all messages should be received by 10am to ensure accuracy of attendance; texts are sent to parents/caregivers if no information has been received to confirm a student’s whereabouts. 


Students must sign in/out as appropriate through the College Office. When signing out, a student MUST have a note from their parent/caregiver that explains/ justifies leaving the College grounds. It is expected that students schedule appointments outside class time. Only medical appointments or those with outside educational agencies are treated as justified absences. Driving lessons, haircuts Page 6 Student Directory and Information Handbook 21/02/2019 and the like are not reasons for signing out during College hours and therefore missing out on class teaching time.


A reminder that Jackets are available from the College office at $90.00 - please note the College jacket is the only jacket to be worn by students, also available are beanies and scarfs each at $20.00. Please ensure all uniform is clearly named.

For upcoming winter sports we also have College track pants available at $70.00.