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Nick Goodwin and Steve Apirana enjoying a jam session
Video by Nikki Hall

Steve & Ainsley Apirana

Ann Hough —

Last Friday Roncalli College was treated to a morning of music with Steve and Ainsley Apirana

Steve and Ainsley are talented Gospel singers whose mission is to bring encouragement and hope to people in all walks of life through the message of the gospel. Steve has a rich musical bacground, having made a name for himself in the 60’s band Butler and gospel band Judha before becoming a solo artist. 

In 2001 he joined with Ainsley as a gospel duo. Their songs reflect their faith and culture and come in various styles from ballad to blues, country to rock, and folk to soul. 

 The messages in their Roncalli performance were self image and the importance of being kind to yourself and others. Steve and Ainsley were joined by several students and staff members in their performance.