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Loaves & Fishes Lunches

Jo Bennett —

A true example of student servant leadership

Thank you to all the students who have helped support the Loaves & Fishes lunches with our Holy Family Parish this year.  Below is a report from Sally Feely the coordinator, that was recently published in the Holy Family Parish newsletter. Thank you to Sally and the other wonderful helpers , we truly value being a part of this initiative.

In collaboration with Roncalli, we continue to host lunch in the Sacred Heart Centre, for those who chose to come, on the first and third Thursday of each month. The lunch is free, but most people chose to make a donation. This means that we manage to be self-funding with our simple but tasty lunch. Usually we begin with a nourishing soup and follow that with a sweet treat.

There is a small group of women who help with food prep and often the Roncalli students get together and make a treat. The food is one aspect of the lunch, the other is the warmth and camaraderie that is generated. Some of our Diners make a point of bringing a friend, who might not otherwise get out, which is a great thing to do. 

Come and join us some time and get to meet the fabulous your people from Roncalli who help out cheerfully and enthusiastically. 

Sally Feely