Hero photograph
Ella testing water with Chris Konings from Water Watch
Photo by Rose Struthers

Ag Enrichment Adventures

Lou Heenan —

The Ag Enrichment students are continuing to learn about different aspects of agriculture.

The Ag Enrichment Programme is continuing to expose students to parts of agriculture that they previously may not have thought about. At the end of last term the students visited Gerard and Barb Scott's farm at Kerrytown where the students got to look at the various different machinery and technology needed on the crop farm, what irrigation systems they use  and how things have changed over the years on the farm. It was also good for the students to hear from Conor Scott about studying at Lincoln University.

The students have also been learning about "water" and how important this resource is to agriculture and the world in general. We were lucky to have Chris Konings from Water Watch come in and teach the students about the special properties of water. To back up what they had learnt in the classroom, students went on a trip with Chris to the Scenic Reserve and tested the water in the Otipua Creek. Students tested the oxygen levels, turbidity, nitrogen levels etc. This was a great hands on session that highlighted for students the importance of water for us and what things are actually in it! Chris will be coming back in a couple of weeks to discuss and analyse the results.

This term students will also be visiting the Temuka Saleyards, hearing from Ravensdown Fertiliser and visiting a local farm plus other "agriculture focused" activities at school.