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Up Coming Sports Information & News

It has been a very busy start to term two with Winter sports in full swing. It is important for the students to form good habits checking their College emails, notices, respective facebook pages and newsletters.

We would not be able to carry out our sports teams without the outstanding support of parents and the wider community.  A huge thank you to the many parents/caregivers, community members and staff who give so much of their time to enable our students to play their chosen sport/s.

If you are interested in being involved with Roncalli Sport we would love to hear from you, please contact the Sports Office on 6886003 extension 808 or email j.zandbergen@roncalli.school.nz

2019 Teachers in Charge – Staff contacts:

Archery – Mr O’Connor c.oconnor@roncalli.school.nz

Badminton – Miss Zandbergen j.zandbergen@roncalli.school.nz

Basketball Liaison – Miss Zandbergen j.zandbergen@roncalli.school.nz

Cricket - Ms Roughan c.roughan@roncalli.school.nz

Equestrian – Mrs Hough a.hough@roncalli.school.nz

Football – Mr Hinton c.hinton@roncalli.school.nz

Golf – Mr Powell r.powell@roncalli.school.nz &

Hockey – Mrs Betts s.betts@roncalli.school.nz

Mountain biking - Mr Pribis m.pribis@roncalli.school.nz

Netball – Mrs Rooney s.rooney@roncalli.school.nz

Rowing - Mrs Cody l.cody@roncalli.school.nz

Rugby – Mr Caird b.caird@roncalli.school.nz Mr Jones a.jones@roncalli.school.nz

Squash - Miss Zandbergen j.zandbergen@roncalli.school.nz 

Table Tennis - Miss Zandbergen j.zandbergen@roncalli.school.nz

Tennis – Ms McIvor c.mcivor@roncalli.school.nz

Touch Rugby - Mr Caird b.caird@roncalli.school.nz Ms Ellen e.walsh@roncalli.school.nz

Volleyball - Mr Jones a.jones@roncalli.school.nz

Senior Womens Basketball

The Saints Club are looking for a couple of players if anyone is interested. Games are Sunday and Monday nights and starts on 26th May. 

Please contact Kylie Haurea on 0276848047 or by email kyliehaurea@gmail.com for further details or if you are interested.

Aorangi Secondary Schools Golf Championships

Roncalli has 10 students representing the College at the Aorangi Secondary Schools Golf Teams and Individuals Championship on Friday 10 May at the Timaru Golf Club, Levels.

Good luck to you all and we look forward to hearing your results.