Hero photograph
Joachim Gooch, Babbage & McCullough
Photo by Marian Mehrtens

Gateway Profile - Joachim Gooch

Marian Mehrtens —

My placement is with Babbage and McCullough. I didn't expect collision repair to be my choice as I hadn't considered it before trying it in Gateway

I started Gateway thinking about a career in engineering, automotive or transport, I thought it would be a good opportunity to get my foot in the door. I had taster days with Vaughan Motors, Bright Sparks and Babbage and McCullough before going into Babbage and McCullough for my placement. Some of the tasks I do are stripping panels apart, I take out all of the insides of damaged car doors and transfer them to new ones, I sand bumpers to get them ready for painting and generally assist the team with whatever needs to be done.

I am registered with MITO to do the StartUp Ignition programme, this involves working through modules online and doing online assessments. The MITO Training Advisor visits me at school to check how I am going and also visits me in the workplace just like an apprentice. The credits count towards NCEA and when complete I will have a micro-credential which forms part of an apprenticeship.

Gateway is a great opportunity to gain experience, I am very keen to continue in this career when I leave school and hope to find an apprenticeship. I encourage students to take Gateway if they are thinking about going into a trade.