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You've got to accentuate the positive

Andrew Jones —

2019 is the year that Roncalli College launches its PB4L initiative and after Term 1 the values and the way they are expressed are starting to stick.

Roncalli has always been a College where foundations are firmly based on teaching values. It is a mark of difference. By investing into the Ministry supported PB4L it has provided a chance for the College to acknowledge students for doing the things that make a true Roncallian.

A working group streamlined and consolidated what it means to be a Roncallian into 5 values statements for our community to live by. Over the year these values will be defined in what they would look like around the College with the first being Self Management. With the catch phrase "Right time, right place, right gear" students are reminded of the expectations and what being 'self managing' looks like.

Staff actively looking to acknowledge these behaviours by signing student CARES cards when they see the students demonstrating one of the 5 values. Over their time at the College, students collect cards and milestones are acknowledged with postcards home after 5, 10 and 20 cards, leading to badges for individual values acknowledging those students who display the values consistently.