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Junior Service Day
Photo by Rose Struthers

Junior Service Day 😃

Rose Struthers —

A hallmark of the Catholic tradition is a concern for the common good borne out in service to others. The benefit of this tradition is first to the students, but ultimately to society at large. Students are being encouraged to THINK BIG – PAY IT FORWARD - ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE!

On Monday 13 May, Year 9 & 10 students will be involved in Service Day. Students are encouraged to think of the needs of others then to select a service activity that will bring meaning not only to themselves but also to the community.

Service work can include any type of voluntary activity that benefits other people or the environment. For example, completing house work for an elderly person, volunteering to rake leaves, cleaning windows, cleaning up a local waterway or park area, teaching a senior friend how to use a computer or the Internet, offering to read to residents in a retirement home, volunteering for a community organisation etc. even as simple as baking muffins and distributing them to workplaces etc. It is expected that students will think more broadly than their immediate family and look to be of service to the wider community.

Students are able to complete their service either individually or within a small group. The work is voluntary and the expectation is students will spend a minimum of three hours engaged in the activity.

Students will select their service activities in consultation with their Religious Education and House Group teachers next week. By Thursday 9 Maystudents will have selected their activity and will approach the organisation to offer their services. Your support with helping your child facilitate this contact will be appreciated. If you have any concerns or would like any further information, please contact the College Office.

This opportunity exemplifies Roncalli College and its special character. We appreciate your support as we aspire to create proactive, caring, community minded citizens with a social conscience.