Hero photograph
Josh Gallagher under the watchful eye of Wiari Tuite, Plunket Electrical
Photo by Marian Mehrtens

Gateway Profile Josh Gallagher

Marian Mehrtens —

My placement at Plunket Electrical is a really good place to work. I get to do lots of different tasks. The job involves assisting with a wide variety of electrical work including new homes, rural, commercial and just assisting with everything.

Before starting Gateway this year I was interested to know more about being an electrician and wanted to know how everything works.

On my first taster day I went to Plunket Electrical and really enjoyed it and found it interesting. For my next taster I went to Masterchill, it was good but I found the Plunket Electrical work more interesting. So I told Mrs Mehrtens that I didn’t need another taster day and I started my placement at Plunket Electrical.

I am registered with Skills Organisation as my Industry Training Organisation and I am currently completing an assessment on the Use and Maintenance of Hand and Power Tools. There are theory assessments that I do in a booklet and some practical assessments that are completed in the workplace. When I have completed all the Skills assessments I will have 25 credits that will go towards my apprenticeship.

My plans for next year are to try and get an apprenticeship and start working full time. I would recommend Gateway as a class for people who are looking for an apprenticeship or planning on leaving school or for people who are wanting find out about and try different careers.