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Fundraising for Spain Trip 2023

Immersion and Social Justice trip to Spain 2023

Stu Piddington —

Fundraising underway for Spain 2023

A group of Roncalli College students fundraising for an immersion and social justice trip to Spain have made a donation much closer to home. The students bagged 2500 kilograms of potatoes as a fundraiser but gifted the unsold potatoes to the Te Aitarakihi Multicultural Centre.

Teacher-in-charge of the trip David Hines said the immersion trip for the senior Spanish students was in September next year. The aim is to plant a seed within the hearts and minds of these students, to understand that another language opens up a world of possibilities for themselves, and for those they meet along the way.

The trip is for three weeks, and includes an intensive language course in Salamanca, an outreach project in Andalusia, and a chance to explore all that Spanish culture has to offer to those who take up the language.

Mr Hines said the students have found that the most vulnerable people worldwide are the elderly and the very young.

“The number of elderly is growing, especially in developed countries, and many of them do not have a lot of social contact with others, especially youth. An objective on this trip is to develop a meaningful connection with them in their own language, both in Spain, and in Timaru prior to departure. We are also in discussion with an aid group within Spain to work within an orphanage for a time, for our students to teach some English to those who do not have access to it through their education.”

The students also wanted to ensure that they are giving back to their own community, as well as reaching out to another, hence the donation to the Te Aitarakihi Multicultural Centre.
The Te Aitarakihi Multicultural Centre was grateful for the koha which will add to their Pātaka kai (food storage). Kairuruku project co-ordinator Anna Buckingham said they were collecting food and harvest to distribute to the community as they prepared to celebrate Matariki.
The rīwai (potatoes) will be used for cooking at Te Aitarakihi Multicultural Centre and people who access our services are also able to help themselves out of the Pātaka Kai. 
The Kairuruku project welcomes anyone who would like to contribute to the Pātaka kai, you can call the office on 03 684 7906 speak to Julie or Anna.