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I've been everywhere man!
Photo by DG Bruce Cowan

I've been everywhere man!

D.G. Bruce Cowan —

Continuing Adventures of the DG


I have been on a road-trip – not just an ordinary one where you go somewhere special, travelling from point A to point B, and then back, bringing home some memories and photos so that you can tell people that you went there.

No, my road-trip has now been a three-month journey, and the destination has not been places but people – extraordinary people!

I bought a wee car just before the start of the Rotary year so that I could do a lot of travelling around the District more economically and reliably than my old car (which is a bit like me - aging, hard to start some mornings, suffering from some creaking joints).  Since then my wee car and I have covered more than 11,000kms, accompanied by my old CD collection, boxes of chocolate fish and (whenever she is able) my partner Jill. I have just 5 more Club visits to go, and will be a bit sad when they are finished as I have met some amazing people, heard some amazing Rotary stories, and have been made to feel so welcome in every Club.

Every Club in our District is involved in projects large and small, and I have been finding out about these, seeing some of them first-hand, and have felt humbled by the dedication and enthusiasm of the people who call themselves Rotarians. It is not just the range and scope of projects that impresses me – it is also the huge number and diversity of individuals and groups that are being helped as a result of these projects.

I am in awe of the ability of Rotary and Rotarians to make a difference!